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This is a Cisco AIM-COMPR2 product.

UsedCisco.com products come equipped with a standard one year warranty.

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Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Miscellaneous

Additional Information: Modular Router Solutions:
  • Bandwidth Management
  • LAN-to-LAN Routing
  • Serial & Legacy Concentration
  • VPN & Firewall Solutions

    Key Benefits:
  • Maximizes System Resources
  • Reduces Costs
  • Improves WAN Bandwidth Efficiency
  • Improves Branch Office Network Manageability
  • Supports Industry Standards

    Data Compression AIM Features and Benefits:
  • Dedicated Hardware for Data Compression
  • High-Performance Compression Engine
  • Network Interface Independence
  • Uses 2600 Internal AIM Slot
  • Field Upgradable
  • Onboard Memory on AIM for Maintaining Compression Sessions
  • Frame Relay and PPP Simultaneous Support
  • Interoperable with Cisco IOS STAC and MPPC Compression on All Compression Enabled Platforms
  • Automatic Compression Configuration Selection
  • Manual Compression Configuration Selection
  • Cisco IOS Commands for Monitoring Compression Activity
  • Works with Cisco IOS Quality of Service Mechanisms
  • Multiple Compression Modes: packet-by-packet (PPC) and linear-packet compression

    Specifications for the Data Compression AIM:
  • Hardware/Platform Requirements: All Cisco 2600 series modular access routers
  • Maximum Number of AIMs: Cisco 2600, one supported
  • Compression Algorithms: STAC (QIC-122), MPPC (Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression)
  • WAN Interfaces: All WAN interfaces, including ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI), CSU/DSUs, serial, ISDN and channelized T1/E1
  • WAN Encapsulation: PPP, X.25, HDLC, SNA/SDLC, Frame Relay
  • Maximum Number of WAN Links (VCs): 60 full-duplex links (VCs) using LZS (STAC, QIC-122) or Microsoft Point-to-Point-Compression (MPPC)
  • Compression Throughput: 8.192 Mbps aggregate

  • No reliance on other network modules, WAN interface cards, voice interface cards, or advanced integration modules.
  • System Requirements: Software Requirements:
  • Cisco IOS version 12.0(2)T or later
  • Compatibility: Supported Platforms & Minimum IOS Versions:
  • 3745 - Not Available
  • 3725 - Not Available
  • 3660 series - Not Available
  • 3640 - Not Available
  • 3620 - Not Available
  • 2691 - Not Available
  • 2650 - 12.1(3)T
  • 2600XM Series - 12.2(8)T1
  • 2600 series - 12.0(1)T
  • 1720 - Not Available
  • 1600 series - Not Available
  • Certifications & Standards: Supports Industry Standards:
  • STAC (QIC122) compression algorithms
  • Microsoft Point-to-Point Compression algorithm
  • FRF.9 Frame Relay Payload Compression
  • Compression Control Protocol (CCP) RFC
  • Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Original Manufacturer Warranty

    Standard Warranty: 90 Day Limited

    Cisco AIM-COMPR2 General Information

    Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc
    Brand Name: Cisco
    Product Name: Data Compression Advanced Interface Integration Module
    Product Type: Advanced Integration Module

    Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Interfaces/Ports

    Interfaces/Ports Details: Not Applicable

    Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Media & Performance

    Connectivity Media: Not Applicable
    Data Transfer Rate: Not Applicable

    Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Management & Protocols

    Management: Improves Branch Office Network Manageability
  • Eliminates costly external third-party products
  • Single management view for router and compression services
  • Protocols: X.25
    Protocols: HDLC
    Protocols: SNA/SDLC
    Protocols: Frame Relay
    Protocols: PPP

    Cisco AIM-COMPR2 Physical Characteristics

    Shipping Dimensions: 2.75 Height x 9.25 Width x 12.25 Depth
    Shipping Weight: 0.72 lb