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Cisco WIC-1AM
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One port analog modemWANInterface Card (Part number WIC-1AM) are now available for the award-winning Cisco 1700, 2600, 3600, and 3700 Series modular router platforms. The addition expands the already extensive range of WAN Interface Cards currently available for these routers. The interfacecards provide cost-effective basic telephone service connectivity to allow remote router management,asynchronous Dial-on-Demand Routing (DDR) and dial backup, dial- and fax-out modem access, and low-density remote access server (RAS) services. Combined with the differentiated services delivered through Cisco IOS Software, the Cisco 1700, 2600, 3600, and 3700 Series routers offercustomers best-of-breed scalability, flexibility, and investment protection, all in cost-effective, multifunctional platforms.

Cisco WIC-1AM General Information

Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc
Brand Name: Cisco
Product Name: WAN Interface Card (WIC)
Product Type: WAN Interface Card (WIC)

Cisco WIC-1AM Interfaces/Ports

Interfaces/Ports: 2 x Serial V.90 WAN
Interfaces/Ports Details: 2 x RJ-11 V.90 WAN

Cisco WIC-1AM Media & Performance

Data Transfer Rate: 33.6Kbps
Data Transfer Rate: 56Kbps
Data Transfer Rate: 14.4Kbps

Cisco WIC-1AM Management & Protocols


  • One- port analog modem WAN Interface Card work with the following configuration and network management methods:
    • CiscoWorks
    • Telnet and console port command-line interface (CLI) configuration
  • Protocols: PPP
    Protocols: MPPP
    Protocols: SLIP
    Protocols: TCP/IP
    Protocols: IPX
    Protocols: TACACS+
    Protocols: ATCP

    Cisco WIC-1AM Controls/Indicators

    Status Indicators:

  • SP (high-speed connectivity for V.90 or K56flex)
  • CN (carrier detect)
  • OH (off-hook) status indicator

  • Cisco WIC-1AM Environmental Conditions

    Temperature: 32 degrees F (0.0 degrees C) to 104 degrees F (40.0 degrees C) Operating
    Temperature: -4 degrees F (-20.0 degrees C) to 149 degrees F (65.0 degrees C) Storage
    Humidity: 10% to 85% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Operating
    Humidity: 5% to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Non-operating

    Cisco WIC-1AM Physical Characteristics

    Dimensions: 0.75 Height x 3.08 Width x 4.38 Depth
    Shipping Dimensions: 2.5 Height x 9.3 Width x 12.5 Depth
    Weight: 2.4 oz
    Shipping Weight: 1.01 lb

    Cisco WIC-1AM Miscellaneous

    Additional Information:

  • Auxiliary port compatibility
  • V.90 (up to 56K) modem specification support when dialing out to a digital endpoint
  • Fax-out capability at speeds up to 14.4K
  • Multilink PPP
  • Full platform support
  • Retrofits into existing chassis
  • Cisco IOS Software support
  • Major modem vendor compatibility
  • Fax vendor compatibility
  • Current analog and digital modem network module compatibility
  • Worldwide support for country-specific standards
  • LAN-to-LAN Routing
  • Dialup Remote Access
  • Error-correcting link access protocols:
    • V.42 Link Access Procedure for Modems (LAPM), MNP 2-4
  • Compression protocols:
    • V.42bis (includes MNP-5)
  • System Requirements:

  • Maximum modem WAN Interface Cards per chassis:
    • Cisco 1700: 2
    • Cisco 2691: 5
    • Cisco 3620: 4
    • Cisco 2600, Cisco 2600XM: 4
  • Minimum IOS Support:
    • Cisco 1700: 12.2(4)
    • Cisco 2600: 12.2(2)
    • Cisco 2600XM: 12.2(8)T1
    • Cisco 3600: 12.2(2)
    • Cisco 3700: 12.2(8)
  • Compatibility:

  • Cisco 1700
  • Cisco 2600
  • Cisco 3600
  • Cisco 3700
  • Certifications & Standards:

  • Carrier protocols:
    • International Telecommunications Union (ITU) V.90
    • K56Flex
    • ITU V.23
    • Bell 103
    • ITU V.21
    • ITU V.22
    • Bell 212A
    • ITU V.22bis
    • ITU V.32
    • ITU V.32bis
    • V.32 turbo
    • V.34
    • V.34 bis
  • NEBS compliance:
    • Level 3
    • Type II
    • Type IV
  • Cisco WIC-1AM Original Manufacturer Warranty

    Standard Warranty: 90 Day Limited